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Racing Post/Irish Racing Post Single CopyMonday - Friday£4.49
Racing Post/Irish Racing Post Saturday Single CopySaturdays£4.49
Racing Post/Irish Racing Post Sunday Single CopySundays£4.49
Racing Post/Irish Racing Post Monthly28 days (consecutive incl. weekend editions)£80.00
Racing Post/Irish Racing Post Annual364 days (consecutive incl. weekend editions)£900.00
Racing Post WeekenderWednesdays£4.49
Racing Post Weekender Monthly4 editions£16.00
Racing Post Weekender Annual52 editions£175.00
Racing and Football OutlookWednesdays£4.49
Racing and Football Outlook Monthly4 editions£12.00
Racing and Football Outlook Annual52 editions£130.00
Betting Shop DisplayAnnual only - can only be bought with RP/IRP Annual£872.60 + cost of RP/IRP
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